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We love our customers.
And we love software.

Who we are

Founded in 1996. Specializing in state-of-the-art software for life sciences. At home in Switzerland, Germany and USA, or wherever you would like us to be. Private ownership, with employees being part owners. No hierarchies. Our success is based on strong values, best in class products and first-rate employees. That’s who we are.

We make it

Everyone talks about digitization – BSI lets actions speak. Software solutions from BSI score as smart and user-friendly tools. They support companies with their customer dialogue digitization and customer satisfaction mission. Here are the five reasons that speak for software made by BSI.

  1. We make software for people – and have done so for over 25 years.
  2. Our software helps our customers better support their customers and business processes, and amaze them.
  3. We offer truly full service – from software design and development to deployment and hosting.
  4. “Made by BSI” stands for “Made in Switzerland”, “Made in Germany” and “Made in USA.”
  5. Our solutions combine the best of technologies, business process knowledge and project management for a perfect user experience across all touch points

Our values

At BSI Life Sciences, we defined our values a long time ago and those have proven themselves over many years. Our corporate values are the ultimate guiding principle for our employees. Below, we introduce you to four of these values.

What are values?

Quite simply: They describe how people behave and think. They correspond to the culture and serve as a basis for decision-making, guidelines for actions, and shape attitudes. Values cannot be learned or dictated. They are formed by the way people act and interact with one another.

BSI Life Sciences relies on such values and does not set many rules. Regulating everything restricts, is ineffective, and reduces personal initiative. Instead of establishing rules, it is more important to us to find common principles we can stand behind. Not everyone at BSI Life Sciences is exactly the same, and that's a good thing. We want diversity because it enriches our company. However, sharing the same core values is a prerequisite for steering in the same direction. At BSI Life Sciences, the following four values are particularly important to us:

1. We are craftsmen

It is important to us to provide our customers with a sensible solution that is robust, functional, fast, and useful. It has to work every day. In addition, the solution should be worth the money and deliver what we have promised. One of our role models is the hairdresser. He works with craftsmanship and together with and for his customers.

2. We love our customers

The customer is our partner. We always want the best for our customers - we like to meet them and like to talk to them. It is important to us not to harm them under any circumstances. Of course, we are happy about their recognition and reflect on their feedback.

3. We don't lie

At BSI Life Sciences, no one lies in discussions with customers or colleagues. Nobody has a hidden agenda that would harm our customers or us.

4. We are nice to each other

We trust and pay attention to one another, do not exclude anyone, do not speak badly about colleagues, and allow them to achieve their success. We respect our weaknesses, praise one another, listen, take problems seriously, and help one another. Our door is always open!

Meet the team

An Executive Board? We don’t have one. We are a team of people with visions and values. We are open, and we belong to us. We are craftspeople. The chef cooks and serves the food here at BSI. And last but not least: We only hire good people.

BSI technology: our craft

Our mission is to develop good software, and we invest a substantial amount of our revenue into product development. Depending on the challenge at hand, we select the right technology or the appropriate framework: Java, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Scout JS, Angular, etc. We offer our customers sustainable business applications that can carry on without us and are easy to integrate into existing IT landscapes.


Full service: Everything needed from a single source

We are your partner and at your side through each phase of successful software projects from A to Z. With innovative software development, proven project management and corresponding services, we support you with analysis, specification, roll-out, maintenance and upgrades. 


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