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BSI eTMF for Cardiac Dimensions

Cardiac Dimensions to go live with BSI eTMF for clinical trials management

Product: BSI eTMF | Industry: Life Science

Kirkland, USA based Cardiac Dimensions will go live with BSI’s electronic Trial Masterfile (BSI eTMF) in September 2020, before adding more CTMS functionality over time through pure configuration.

The first implementation meeting took place on 1st July and go live is scheduled for 30th September. The three-month timeframe maintains BSI’s impressive track record in rapid turn arounds.

Cardiac Dimensions conducted a rigorous evaluation of various CTMS providers, with the BSI solution winning out thanks to the easy-to-use user interface and the possibility to add own configurations over time. BSI worked collaboratively with Cardiac Dimensions on their needs, providing thorough explanations of how the system meets their trial needs. The BSI system not only offers seamless integration between CTMS and eTMF products, but gives the choice of EDC integration as well. We understood that their trial needs did not require all the capabilities of BSI’s solutions, so we showed them several live demos and tailored a proposal to their exact needs.

“The possibility of starting out with the eTMF solution while knowing we will be able to easily expand with CTMS functionality through configuration, was extremely attractive to us. This way we avoid the effort and expense of a further full implementation, and the system can grow in parallel with our business.”

Ms. Alli Galindo

Senior Clinical Research Associate at Cardiac Dimensions

The flexibility of BSI’s approach has once again proved popular, giving customers the peace of mind that they are investing in a powerful suite of solutions that will meet their growing needs, while remaining cost effective.


  • Cardiac Dimensions, based out of Kirkland, USA is new BSI eTMF customer
  • Functionality will be expanded over time through pure configuration
  • Flexibility allows for system and business to grow in parallel

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