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Luminex introduces BSI CTMS for clinical trials management

Product: BSI CTMS | Industry: Life Science

Luminex Corp based out of Austin, Texas will be working with BSI CTMS for clinical trials management. The project will involve setting up a standard interface to IBM® Clinical Development that Luminex are already using. The go-live of BSI CTMS for Luminex is expected in June 2020.

The BSI CTMS solution was attractive in its own right thanks to its intuitive usability, broad functionality, and value with rewards expected in the areas of trial oversight, site monitoring and document management with the integrated eTMF function. However, it was the interface to IBM Clinical Development that proved decisive:

“It was also the opportunity to map the CTMS with IBM Clinical Development - the existing electronic data capture (EDC) solution - that swung the decision in favor of BSI CTMS.”

Deena Eden

Senior Manager of Clinical Operations at Luminex

The interface to IBM Clinical Development is expected to be a valuable option for future clients going forward. The ability of the EDC - IBM Clinical Development - to exchange data with BSI CTMS creates a solution that is far more than simply the sum of its parts, and will undoubtedly lead to better outcomes for all concerned, according to Jan Nielsen, BSI’s Community Manager for Life Sciences.

Sébastien Bohn, Offering Manager, Lead for IBM Clinical Development, IBM Watson Health, said they were looking forward to collaborating with Luminex and BSI CTMS to effectively plan and manage trials. He added that research had shown that the IBM Clinical Development platform significantly reduces the time to make study changes, speeds data collection and improves audit readiness.


  • Luminex, based out of Austin, Texas is new BSI CTMS customer
  • Including document management using the integrated eTMF function
  • Pilot customer for standard interface to IBM® Clinical Development (EDC)

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