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OCT uses BSI CTMS to conduct future clinical trials

OCT, the largest local clinical research organization (CRO) in Eastern Europe, will be conducting its clinical trials with BSI’s CTMS starting in the summer of 2019. Study monitors, study project managers, and data managers will be using the BSI solution for the efficient and seamless management of clinical trials.

OCT is a leading full-service CRO that operates on behalf of well-known pharmaceutical and biotech companies. With a team of over 200 experts, OCT offers its customers the entire bandwidth of clinical trials and services that comprise project management, monitoring, data management, and statistics.

In the careful evaluation of a potential CTMS partner, the choice fell on BSI CTMS: After only four months from contract sign-off, BSI CTMS will be rolled out at OCT.

“It is great to see how BSI CTMS can map OCT's rather challenging requirements with standard features.”

Irina Petrova

Clinical Operations Director at OCT

By using the eTMF document management module for specific trials, OCT, in particular, anticipates efficiency increases and an enhanced overview once the BSI CTMS has been launched. This module offers a clear presentation of all documents to be compiled and tracked. Also, OCT will be able to schedule and manage all project and monitoring activities, and with the integrated “Human Resource Management System,” the users can book all project efforts directly in the CTMS.

“It will allow us to optimize our processes in the clinical trial management area substantially.“

Dmitry Sharov




  • Flexible and user-friendly design
  • electronic Trial Master File (eTMF)
  • process optimization

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