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Niche oncology CRO Scimega goes live with BSI’s Clinical Trial Management System

Canadian experts in clinical oncology research Lean Coached and with a proven track record of successful study conduct in Canada bundled with 25 years of lessons learned!

New Jersey, USA, December 4, 2023 – BSI announces Scimega as its first customer in Canada for its innovative software for clinical trials, BSI CTMS. Through a deep understanding of the needs of sponsors, investigators, and patients Scimega’s
Lean processes for site selection, patient recruitment, and site activation attract mid-size and smaller U.S. biotechs’ cutting-edge oncology compounds and clinical trials to Canada for Phase I-III studies. 

Scimega’s decision to adopt BSI’s eClinical tool in 2022 stemmed from the company’s drive for continuous digital improvement, as Director of Clinical Operations Marie-Claude Bélanger explains: “Being a CRO, coached in Lean Six Sigma methodology we strive to continuously improve our processes and stay on top of technology to best serve our clients. In this sense, BSI CTMS is the state-of-the-art solution we were looking for!”

Developed in Switzerland and distributed by BSI Business Systems Integration Inc. in the US and Canada, the software allows for seamless integrations of clinical trials and sites in a single platform, as well as easy access for Sponsors and auditors to verify study compliance. Further, it includes a module to simplify tracking of trial milestones and KPIs. “In addition to traditional CTMS functionalities, BSI’s eClinical tool has configurable metrics to help its users quantify study progress and performance. It’s a live dashboard where Trial Leaders have everything under control, anytime,” comments BSI’s Project Manager Cecilia Ferrari, who was part of the team onboarding the Canadian CRO to the software.

Among other advantages, BSI CTMS offered invaluable support for Scimega’s continuous push for efficient processes and systems. In the words of Bélanger, “BSI CTMS went far beyond digitizing existing workflows at our company. By automating data management and administrative tasks, it has freed up time and resources to allow for greater focus on the unique requirements for each of our oncology trials.” For BSI’s Community Manager Life Sciences Jan Nielsen, the collaboration with Scimega “is proof that BSI’s eClinical tool can support and help to further expedite much-needed research in the field of Oncology, among many others. We’re proud of our work with Ms. Bélanger’s team and look forward to continuing our journey to help CROs and Sponsors conducting cutting-edge clinical trials.”

Scimega went live with BSI CTMS V7.0 in September 2023 after a remote requirement workshop and training session for administrators. It now benefits from ongoing support from a team of CTMS specialists, free annual upgrades, and access to BSI’s software user community spanning across Europe and North America.

About Scimega

Scimega is a niche Canadian oncology CRO acting in Canada within the context of global cutting-edge oncology trials sponsored by mid-size and smaller biotechs. Skilled in collaborative vendor teaming, Scimega guarantees sponsors the quickest site start-up and highest patient recruitment rate, without sacrificing premium quality data. With an optimal operations design robust enough to address an ever-changing clinical trial landscape, Scimega’s team of Lean Coached oncology experts go above-and-beyond to provide: Local, full-time, permanent hires for exceptional staff quality; An extensive network of Canadian Investigator Sites that frequently emerge among top enrollers, and are activated 50% faster than average for global studies; Optimal site engagement to maximize quality, timely data entry and query resolution; Robust and Lean Scimega methodology and processes are supported by current technology to keep every trial this CRO monitors on the Lean trajectory.

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About BSI Life Sciences

BSI offers smart eClinical software for CTMS, eTMF and more. BSI makes life science software for people – and has done so for 25+ years. BSI’s software solutions made in Switzerland, Germany, USA, and anywhere else clients need them to be, are innovative and user-friendly. They focus resources on staying ahead of the trends and delivering functional, compliant, and affordable eClinical software. In this way, BSI helps its customers continuously optimize and accelerate the clinical development process. And that’s what they love!

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