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Eclipse Scout: Our contribution to the open source community

Why are we investing in the open source community with Eclipse Scout?

Greater investment protection, high software and service quality and with minimal dependence on individual manufacturers, with software based on Eclipse Scout we offer our customers the advantages of open source software (OSS). Since publication of the Java Scout framework under the Eclipse public license (EPL) in 2010, we have been part of the global Eclipse Foundation ecosystem and thereby receive feedback from countless software developers from around the world. The strict guidelines stipulated by the EPL ensure regular code reviews, checking of third-party licenses (complete compliance with intellectual property laws), as well as testing from a technical and functional perspective.

What is Scout?

Scout is an open source framework based on Java, HTML5 and JavaScript. It enables the efficient and sustainable development of business applications.


  • separates the business-specific logic from the technological code;
  • encourages a clear application architecture with a layered model;
  • provides many elements for complex user interfaces;
  • offers multi-device support.

Get started with Eclipse Scout: Your first application in five steps

Whether for a private project or a complete business application for thousands of users, the tutorials enable you to dive into the framework immediately.

  1. Try out the the Live Demo
  2. Watch the Tutorial-Videos
  3. Download and install Eclipse Scout
  4. Implement the Hello World Applikation
  5. Program your own application and share it with us

Like to exchange ideas? Profit from the community

Those who convert complex challenges into smart code need help or a sparring partner now and then. We share our Eclipse Scout expertise and welcome your commitment to convey this knowledge out into the world.

Why use Eclipse Scout?

When time-to-market is crucial and the software application should also remain sustainable in the future, then the Scout framework is the right choice. Eclipse Scout meets many of the recurring requirements placed upon modern business applications. Its strength is especially apparent when it comes to implementing the user interface. In addition to the client, the framework also covers the server, client-server communication and central security aspects.

The strengths of Scout truly pay off for the following challenges:

  • Management and administration of data
  • Organization of hierarchical, complex data
  • Collaborative platforms with sophisticated rights administration
  • Depiction of business-specific logic
  • Modernization of legacy applications
  • Company-specific styling of the application through HTML5, JavaScript & CSS3

Who offers support?

Eclipse Scout is an excellent choice for the modernization of legacy applications, for prototyping or the development of new applications. If you choose Eclipse Scout, then we are happy to assist with professional support.

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