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5 Common Myths About eTMF Debunked: Myth #4

At BSI Life Sciences we often hear myths about eTMF. In this blog series we will try to debunk a few of them. Connect with us and let us know your experience with TMF and eTMF!


Myth #4: The eTMF will not integrate with my EDC

While this definitely varies from eTMF to eTMF, chances are it is possible to build interfaces to enable the eTMF to talk to your current Electronic Data Capture (EDC) or Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS). You may want to verify this before purchasing your eClinical solution to make your clinical trials even more efficient and also avoid any inconvenience. BSI Life Sciences currently has the following options for you:

  • Start small, then expand. BSI eTMF can be fully integrated into BSI CTMS. Need a module to keep track of patient recruitment on top of document management? Checked! Clients can activate as many CTMS modules as they wish on top of the eTMF
  • eClinical Suite. In partnership with SMART-TRIAL and its partners, BSI offers a combined suite of eTMF/CTMS and Electronic Data Capture. Check this link for more information
  • Customized EDC integration. Tailored solutions that perfectly fit the client’s needs.

Myth debunked:

Migration from a paper-based TMF is not effortless, but doesn’t have to take ages either. Good planning and prep work, and support from your eTMF provider, ensure you can smoothly switch to an eClinical solution while still conducting your research work.

Next week we will debunk Myth #5: eTMFs are worth buying only for teams of 50+ users. Stay tuned!

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