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5 Common Myths About eTMF Debunked: Myth #1

At BSI Life Sciences we often hear myths about eTMF. In this blog series we will try to debunk a few of them. Connect with us and let us know your experience with TMF and eTMF!


Myth #1: eTMFs are way too expensive!

eTMFs are increasingly becoming the go-to solution not only for large companies, but for small and medium sized businesses and public institutions too. From research hospitals to CROs, more and more players in the industry are switching to an eClinical solution for document management and archiving. Think about it: An eTMF allows your team to store and manage artifacts remotely and forgo printing tons of files. Plus, eTMFs come with additional features which make them superior to traditional, paper-based solutions, such as:

  • Built-in audit trail/change history;

  • Alert and notification system – never miss a deadline again!

  • Electronic signature tools.

Also: Have you ever considered the hidden costs of classic TMFs – from paper to space for storage to archiving expenses? Those are not so easy to calculate, yet will account for a certain proportion of your study’s budget, well after the end of the project too.

Finally, different eTMFs start at different price points. BSI Life Sciences currently offers an eTMF solution that is both comprehensive and affordable. Check it out here.

Myth debunked:

An eTMF is a long-time investment whose benefits outweigh the cost for implementation. No two eTMFs are the same – eTMFs can start at different prince points.

Next week we will debunk Myth #2: eTMF do not comply with existing regulations. Stay tuned!

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