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5 Common Myths About eTMF Debunked: Myth #5

At BSI Life Sciences we often hear myths about eTMF. In this blog series we will try to debunk a few of them. Connect with us and let us know your experience with TMF and eTMF!


Myth #5: eTMFs are worth buying only for teams of 50+ users

Although many teams still rely on paper or locally saved TMFs, there is no doubt that eClinical solutions are the future of research. In just a few years, most companies and hospitals will have adopted software for the management of clinical trials, possibly including AI and machine learning features, too. Regardless of the number of users, the sooner you take the leap to an eTMF, the better the competitive advantage you will enjoy over late adopters. Plus, several eClinical solutions have special offers for small businesses and academic institutions.

The eTMF from BSI Life Sciences comes with a minimum number of named user licenses, and the possibility to buy more at a discount rate – add or remove extra licenses on a monthly basis. Also, reduced license fees apply for trial sites’ users, who have access to the respective electronic Investigator Site Files (eISFs) only.

Myth debunked:

An eTMF should be regarded as a tool that equips clinical teams for the future. In this sense, it may be worth a long-time investment, regardless of the number of licensed users. Also, special offers and reduced fees may apply for small clients.

Be ready for the future! Start your eTMF journey today!

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